Old Glory

Can Hollywood Be Saved?

"America will never seek a permission slip to defend the security of our country."

A Message To Hollywierd

  1. Support more quality programming
  2. Support the FCC in cracking down on indecency on our airwaves
  3. Support Hollywood celebrities who dare to speak out in support of heartland values, our president, our ideology
  4. Support more family friendly films and television programs
  5. Support a return to the clever, witty, well-written dramas and comedies for adults
  6. Reject overt political activism in our programming, our films, our music
  7. Reject Hollywood's attempts to remake America in their own image
  8. Reject projects of celebrities who insist on pushing their political agenda through their work while being paid to entertain us
  9. Reject network programming that uses exploitation and sex to market to our children
  10. Reject Hollywood on the cheap - exploitative, boring, inane reality programs

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