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"America will never seek a permission slip to defend the security of our country."

Damn Right I Am Opinionated!

Terrorists What is wrong with the liberal American heads?  The attack on our country was a wake up call to the latest "world conquest ". 

Instead of it being Hitler, it is the whacko Islamic who what to spread their religion all over the world.

Sitting back and watching the Islamic Militants go nuts is not the answer just like it was not in WWII.

These weenies can sit in heir tents, make their females subservient, and  diddle themselves just do it without going after other freedom seeking people!

But its not the Muslims that are going to do us in... It is us! Too many people expecting to be taken carfe of... What the hell happened in two generations?

Student loans? How about going to a school you can afford dummy? Welfare for years? Gimme gimme gimme! What has happened?

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