Valentines 2011

If you love somebody, let them know!

Valentines Day 2011 Overview (Page One)

We make a great deal out of Valentines Day because "we be in love" and want to celebrate it every day and every year. Join us for the weekend of activities.

Friday The 11th Was The Santa Ana Elks (Pages 2-3)

At the Elks in Santa Ana with friends for an evening of dancing

The whole gang was here tonight! Bob and Donna, Herb and Irene, AJ and Laura, Kathy and Ed, Vance and Gladys, Craig and Marianne... It was a fun filled evening. Larry Fresh played and we had loads of different type of music.

We danced the night away and did a load of giggling! Join the fun

Saturday The 12th Is The Nightlighters (Page 4)

Nightlighters Valebtines Weekend 2011    Love
Dancing with the Nightlighters

We are off to the Nightlighter's Dance Club at LAX. The theme was " You Make Me Feel So Young ". We had a load of fun! Please join the fun!!

Sunday the 13th Was A Weekend Surprise! (Pages 5-8)

Queen Victoria cruise time    Queen Victoria cruise time
Time for a cruise to Mexico!

Off on the RMS Queen Victoria for several days including a stop in Mexico. We were with the Cathey's and Duda's! Great fun!!

Valentine's Day