St. Valentines Day Definitions

We loved with a love that was more than love.  ~Edgar Allan Poe

Definitions You Need To Know...

Love is not a necessity, but it is life’s greatest gift and luxury.

Love is caring, kind, and patient.

Love does not expect anything but love in return.

Love knows when to put pride to the side, because the greatest thing one can be proud of Is a love that is shared.

Love is or should be unconditional.

Love is giving and selfless.

Love is therefore unselfish.

Love is not arrogant, or does not insist in its own way, It is a celebration of what is right.

Love is undying devotion (yes that too).

Love is not resentful and does not rejoice in wrong, but celebrates the right

Love is the desire to be intimate - physically and emotionally.

Love endures all, hopes all, bears all.

Love is believing, sharing, dreaming.

Love is Honesty.

Love is friendship, companionship, and more.

Love is completion. Forgiving. Understanding and inspiring.

Love is the attainment of life's greatest inspiration.

Love is supporting, but not overbearing.

Love is the free and complete expression of oneself to/for another.

Love is being open to an other's expression... True friends, companion, lover, and mother (or father).

Love is faithful and loyal.

Love can be strong, yet so fragile.

A heart in the sand

There are those out there who have not been lucky enough to find it...some never will. (Not all, but some).  In addition, what one would call true in its best, purest, truest sense is even rarer and harder to find. Not that no one ever does. Many probably do.  It is still the hardest thing that mankind strives to obtain. The dream of finding and marrying for true love exists and Concludes by everything falling into place.