St. Valentines Day 2024

If you love somebody, let them know!

Let The Celebration Begin!

It is that romantic time of the year and we are ready for it!!

Friday 2/9/2024

Friday the 9th we are going to the Elks Lodge for a Valentine's Day Prom! We are ready to go with Paul wearing his red sequened dinner jacket and pink thong! Oops, cancel the thong!

Did You Know? - The word "prom" is short for promenade, which means a formal, organized march. The first proms were held in the late 1800s and early 1900s in Northeastern colleges and universities. These early proms were formal events that were intended to teach young men and women proper etiquette and manners.

Paul becomes King!!

Saturday 2/10/2024 Jax

Step back in time and fly away with the essence of a man who continues to capture the hearts of millions. This critically acclaimed show is reminiscent of a young Frank Sinatra at the height of his career, when singing with The Count Basie Orchestra at The Sands Hotel in Las Vegas. ‚Äč Frank Sinatra tribute singer, Matt Mauser, has the unique ability to put a modern twist on Frank's classic sound, while using his own style to entertain and educate audiences about Frank's life

2/14/2024 Valentine's Day Dinner At Renata's


2/18/2024 Starlighters Dance