St. Valentines "Days" 2012

If you love somebody, let them know!

Romance Is Our Middle Names (Page One)

We enjoy the week of "Valentines Day" and do many things including the Elks lodge Sweetheart Ball, dancing at the Valentine festivities in our local area, and other things.

Valentine's Week 2012
The weekend of Valentgines Day is always busy!

Page Two - Going Wild At The Santa Ana Elks Sweetheart Ball

Please join us for an evening of fun!

Valentine's Week 2012
The gentlemen we all in style courtest of Miss Vicky!

Page Three - Celebration Of Thirty-Three Years With The Zaitz

We went to the Newport Harbor Elks and danced all afternoon before going to the Old Ranch Country Club and completing the day with dancing and a celebration of a 33rd anniversary.

Valentine's Week 2012

Page Four - Pre-Valentine's Day Cavorting At Disneyland And Alpine Village

Yes it was supposed to be a rainy day but "we is golfers" so we went anyway and it worked out fine! Please join the fun!

Valentine's Week 2012
Fun and more fun! All day long!

Page Five - Valentines Day At Khoury's and Busters

We generally go to Khoury's on Thursday's but they moved dancing day to Tuesday. We had a ball and then Brian asks the question "What do we do now?" We decided to go to Buster's a few stores down the road.

Valentine's Week 2012
The Finch's, Herbie, Irene, and us had a delightful evening

Valentine's Day