Christmas Play 2017

Christmas, children, is not a date.  It is a state of mind.  ~Mary Ellen Chase

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We are off again for a happy and joyous time at the Candlelight Pavilion Dinner Theater in Claremont.

We invite many of our family and friends as we decided long ago, we want to "give memories" at Christmas because anyone can give "stuff".

Seeing family and freinds together enjoying the season is a wonderful gift to us!

Those of us riding the bus depart Old Ranch about 9:30 AM and arrive just prior to the door opening at 11:00 AM which is perfect.

This year we have almost 80 joining us as several of the "regulars" could not make it for various reasons.

Show Dates: 12/1/2017 - 12/24/2017

A Little Bit Of History

In 1985, the Candlelight Pavilion hosted its first Christmas show, and for more than 30 years we have continued the tradition of writing and producing each of our Christmas shows with a focus on the spirit of the season and bringing family and friends together. We invite you to continue your Christmas traditions with us as we celebrate with an all-new story, The Sounds of Christmas. As is always the tradition here at the Candlelight Pavilion, Santa and Mama stay after the performance to meet guests. Don’t forget your cameras!

We went in 1987 alone! Image that!

The "Family" (Courtesy of Joe)

The "Extended Family" (Courtesy of Joe)

We be organized!