Chewing The Rag!

Best Hobby A Young Man In The 1950's Could Have!

My Solution To The Quickie!

Chewing the rag

About The 1950s

I was fourteen, what did I know?  MAny times Mom would come in and watch.listen to me and she asked why the contacts are so boring.  You know, somthing like:

Me: Hello, my name is Paul and I am located in Los Angeles
Him: Hello, my name is Bob and I am in New York
Me: You signal is 5x5 and the weather here is hot
Him: Your signal is 5x6 and it is raining
Me: See you later
Him: Good Bye

Mom suggested that I pull out my Comptons Pictured Enecyclopedai and quicklu lookup where the person is located and ask him questions about his area.

I tried it; it worked perfectly.  I had 30 minute to hour long conversations with total strangers and we talked about things they knew about.   Sometimes they wondered how I knew so much about their little town in Nebraska and how I new of the state park that was 10 miles away and .....

My mother was brilliant!  Her suggestion often served me well!

I used my technique on a group of guys in Texas.  Over a period of several months I got to know them and talked about Brownsville Texas. They happened to come to California and said "Let's go to dinner". I said, "Super"

When they showed ujp, I answered the door and they asked to speak to Paul. They were flabbergasted to find out I was fourteen years old. Because mom and listyened to them for the past month, she and Dad let me go to dinner with "the guys". It was amazing. K5DYD, Burgin Dunn was his name.