Nightlighters Dance: The End of Tax Season Ball

Dancing and Dining With Friends

Welcome To The April 14th 2018 (Page One)

The Tax Man cometh so we shall celebrate early! We shall celebrate by dancing to the great tunes of the Rhythm Kings at the LAX Marriott!

Come on in... The water is just fine!

Such happy faces... Perhaps they know a secret!

Did You Know? The IRS has its roots in the Civil War, when a revenue bureau was set up to collect taxes levied to support the war effort in the North. That tax expired in 1872, but the Commissioner of Internal Revenue and its successor have remained in business since.

Ah... The Love birds

Did You Know? - Do you have a conservation easements to protect wildlife which includes but not limited to migratory birds can be used as tax deductions. Almost $1B was deducted this past year by people using conservation easements!

Getting ready to dance... The dance cards are filling up fast...

Quite a dapper couple!

The guys do not seem too troubled this evening!

Lookin' good... Not a worry in the world

Did You Know? - "Few of us ever test our powers of deduction, except when filling out an income tax form.''
--Laurence J. Peter, author

It seems the salads are on their way!