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Liles Genealogy Begins To Get Fuzzy In The Mid 1600's

Family Crest (Sure!!) The name Lyle is of Norman French origin, meaning "the island" - L'ile.

We do not have a "Family Crest" so we borrowed on for our page!

The Normans were not really French but were Scandinavian. The French had given them lands in France, "Normandy", basically to stop them being a pest with their continual raiding and in hopes they would settle. In 1066 the Normans invaded and conquered England.

Not only did the Normans invade England, but they penetrated Scotland as well, founding many of the noble families of Scotland. King Robert the Bruce who successfully fought off an English army at Bannockburn established the independent Scottish state was of Norman descent. So were the Stewarts, future kings of Scotland, and the Lyles. They had a castle at Stoneypath, near the village of Garvald in East Lothian, not far from Edinburgh, the royal capital.

The Lyles seem to have fallen from favor in the 1600's and lost their lands and possibly their rank. There are concentrations of Lyles in and around Edinburgh and Midlothian, and also in the Strathclyde area near Glasgow. The Lyles appear to be Lowland Scots rather than Highlanders.

From Paul Liles
Husband / Wife
Children Remarks
11th William Liles / ???
Henry Liles  Will be glad to share what I have if interested. go back to William Liles 1640 and think they go back to 1340 in Scotland the Castle of Duchall (Duck-all).   From CNCANADY@aol.com


10th Henry Liles and Jean Jones

Henry, Jr. b abt. 1690 in Rocky Hock Community, Chowan Co. NC died bet 1715-1781

Elizabeth Liles b 1695 d before 1788

William Liles b 1654 in Surry, Va d. between 1718-1787

Dorothy Liles b. about  1699 d. before 1784

Calvert County, Maryland  
9th Henry Liles 1740 (Elizabeth 1740) - Married 1760


  • Lewis Liles
  • James Liles (c1745-1783)
8th James Liles (c1745-1783) and Mary Richardson.

David Liles is that he was married to Nancy Nowell on 2/26/1797 in Anson Co. NC

John Liles

7th  John Liles (1770-1836) and Celia Fields

James Calvin Liles was the son of John Liles and Celia

Nancy Liles

6th Nancy Liles (12/13/1796 North Carolina-1851) - Green Alford

Amaziah Liles - born out of wedlock in 1813

Father was Ruben Jorden, the following month
she married a Alford Green.
5th (John) Amaziah Liles
Born: June 19, 1813
Died August 08, 1866
North Carolina

Jane Price 11/20/1837
Born: 1814 in: Spartanburg, South Carolina

 Remarried Eliza Jane Simmons 1800)
Died: September 16, 1859  in: Arkansas

  • John Thomas Liles
  • James Miller Liles
  • Martha Elizabeth Liles
  • Emily J.Liles
  • Joseph Liles

With Eliza Simmons

  • Nancy Liles
  • Jane Liles
  • George Liles
Amaziah Liles was born out of wedlock in 1812 in North Carolina. His mother was a saloon girl and I suppose he took her name.
He moved to White Co., Arkansas with the Russell Price family sometime between 1832-1836. In 1837, he married Russell's daughter, Jane Price. Amaziah died in 1866.

Dates courtesy of Jane Price Liles, McRae Arkansas!

4th Joseph Liles (Martha Howard - 12/14/1865)
1/27/1848 White County, Arkansas
  • Grover Clifton Liles
  •  Thomas Hiram Liles
  Grover passed on immediately after Edith was born...


Grover Clifton Liles
9/24/1884 White County, Arkansas
Died: Jan. 27, 1911

Mary Kathryn Cook
DOB: 6/6/1890
DOD: 1955

Mary remarried to Charles Essig in 1914


Charles Essig died White County Arkansas in 1975



Charles J. Lewis DOB 8/8/1886 St. Clair County, Arcola, MO.}DOD 12/20/1965

Mary T. Bailey
DOB 9/9/1891 Haskell, OK
DOD 11/20/1971

  • Opal Allie Liles (Robinson)
  • Alma Olive Liles (Mall)
  • Edith Agnus Liles  (Parchman)
  • Paul William Liles
  • Wilbur Liles (Passed at 6 days of age)

    Offspring of Mary+Essig

  • Helen Essig (Straighorn)
  • Clarence Earl Essig

  • Georgia Lewis

  • Earnest Lewis

  • Carl Lewis

  • Mary Kathrine Lewis (1922)

  • Charles Lewis (1924)
 Grover clifton died 1911, Mary Cook remarried to Charles Essig with two additional offspring
Paul William Liles
9/1906 - 11/1970

Georgia A. Lewis
  • Paul David Liles
 Paul Willian was born in White County, Arkansas
Us Paul David Liles
 (Sue Marie Goss)
12/16/44 - ???? Los Angeles, Ca
  • Jeanette Liles (Lind)
  • Colleen Liles (Perry)
  • Joseph Liles
  • Michele Miller
  • Robin Berry
Child Mitch Lind
Jeanette Lind
  • Zachary Thomas Lind
  • Connor Lind
Divorced from Mitch

Peter Chartier
Colleen Liles
Mark Perry

  • Jonathan Liles
  • Jacqueline Chartier
  • Cassandra Chartier
Divorced from Pete and remarried to Mark Perry
Child Amy Capps
Joseph Liles
  • Alex Liles
  • Charlie Liles
Child Michele Miller
Franklyn Adams
  • Theo
Child Robin Berry
Bob Duda
  • Nicholas
Grandchild Zachary Lind
Rebecca Parsons
  • Lilliana Elizabeth Lind
Great Grandchild Lilliana Elizabeth Lind