Ed & Kathy Roberts

Great friends   

Fellow Dance Class Members And Friends For Many Years....

2010-09-18 - Daughter gets married ... Time to dance!

2011-10-01 - Dance party at the Keen Estate ....

2013-04-27 - Kathy's birthday

2015-01-23 - Ed's 71st Birthdat at Santa Ana Elks

2017-04-29 - Kathy Gets A Surprise 70th Birthday Parts At The Fullerton Elks

Randon Snapshots From Over The Years

The Art Deco Ball (9/24/2010)

Going Gansta (9/4/2010)

The smile gives it away (9/4/2010)

KAthy and Ed Roberts
Newport Harbor Elks (8/7/2011)

KAthy and Ed Roberts
Kathy flashes her famous and infectuous smile (8/7/2011)

KAthy and Ed Roberts
Seniors Prom(11/7/2010)

Christmas At Santa Ana Elks

KAthy and Ed Roberts
"How low can you go???"

KAthy and Ed Roberts
Ed tries his new anti-gravity machine

KAthy and Ed Roberts
"OMG, Ed... It works... Patent it quickly!!"

At the Keen Estate Dance 10/1/2011

At the 2011 Seniors Prom
At the 2011 Seniors Prom

1/9/2012 at Alpine Village

12/6/2012 Dancing at the Santa Ana Elks Jam Session

Wild People

Something is fishy!

2/24/2013 at Newport Harbor

Ed's 71st Birthday

Celebrating Ed's 71st Birthday