Panama Canal 2006

"A vote is like a rifle; its usefulness depends on the character of the user."

Friends & Fireboats

On cruises you meet friends and we certainly did.. We will be adding pictures and notes here as emails come in from our friends! 



A Note From A (Now) Good Friend: I don't think we ever got around to introducing ourselves during the cruise. We're Laura Richards and A.J. Saam (see picture, she's the pretty one, I'm the other one). Thanks for including us in the pictures on your website.

Thanks also for your kind encouragement of our embryonic dancing career. We got tired of going on cruises and being too embarrassed to just shuffle around the dance floor while everybody else looked like they knew what they were doing so we took some lessons. A series of six through the local parks and rest during which we learned the NAMES of 9 different dances. I'm sure there were some dance steps too, but they immediately left our memories, except for the Tango. For some reason that stuck. Thank goodness for the on-board lessons.

We both are enjoying browsing through your website. Very nicely done and highly entertaining. We particularly liked the section on your "babies" I attached a picture of some of our former "babies". Don't laugh at the sweatshirts. They loved them. At bedtime they'd actually line up to get their shirts on. We were forced to come up with the shirt idea when we realized when the temperature in the house got below 65 degrees during the night we had 8 or 10 boxers trying to climb in bed with us.

Laura Richards and A.J. Saam




Dang A.J., our cabin was so far down we didn't even see the Fireboats... maybe their propellers.  Thanks for sending the pictures!

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