Bob & Donna Zaitz

Nothing Else Counts In This World!   

Donna And Bob Zaitz Light Up Everyone Around Them

We have gotten to know the Zaitz's after hours of dancing and visits to dancing locations like Catalina.  They are a fun couple that do light up their surroundings... Always happy and ready to share life's simple joys!  Join us for Donna's birthday celebration for 2009 and the 60th birthday in 2010 ! Or, see the movie!

Please celebrate Cyndy's 2012 birthday and the 2013 birthday and the 2014 birthday with us! Oops?

Donna and Bob Zaitz
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Still celebrating her 60th, they went to the Mediterranean for ten days, join the fun !

Donna Zaitz birthday August 2009
Just a few friends at Donna's Birthday Celebration 2009 at the Elks in Santa Ana

Donna makes music
She was playing Chopin on the mugs, glasses and bottles (7/30/2009)

Donna's Phoenix Club Birthday
Cutting the cake at the Phoenix Club (8.26.2009)

Drinkie time
Without spilling a drop! (8/26/2009)

The tie
Paul models Donna's artistic handiwork (8/4/2009)

Idol hands
No idol hands here... Art being created before your eyes (8/4/2009)

Don't mess with Donna
Don't mess with Donna (7/30/2009)

Donna and Bob Zaitz
Cute couple (2/14/2009)

Donna and Bob Zaitz
The lepper-cons were definitely at work! (3/4/2009)

Donna and Bob Zaitz
One romantic evening at the Elks (5/26/2009)

Donna and Bob Zaitz
What is he looking at? (5/26/2009)

Donna and Bob Zaitz
Nice weels Bob! (8/30/2008)

Donna and Bob Zaitz
Donna at her best (8/30/2008)

Donna and Bob Zaitz
Let's dance (8/30/2008)

Donna and Bob Zaitz
Nicest bottle opener in town! (9/4/2009)

Donna and Bob Zaitz
Tango time (9/4/2009)

Donna and Bob Zaitz
"Hey, they are clear!" (9/4/2009)

Lady and the Tramp
Remember this???

Starlighters Summer Semi-Formal 2009
Lady and the Tramp! (9/20/2010 at Starlighters)

At Old Ranch for a dinner dance
At ORCC (9/11/2011)

At Old Ranch for a dinner dance
Bob and Donna have their fans (9/11/2011)

At Old Ranch for a dinner dance
New meaning to the term "Getting Down" (9/11/2011)

Jam session 7/17/2011)
At the Jam Sesion (7/17/2011)

Sinatra Night at the Elks
Frank Sinatra night at Garden Grove (7/9/2011)

Seniors Prom 2010
Seniors Prom (11/7/2010)

Seniors Prom 2011
Seniors Prom 2011

The Zaitz