The Great Internet Powerpoints

A Small Corner On The Internet Dedicated To Our Family & Friends


The following files are in Microsoft PowerPoint "pps" or Power Point Show format.  They generally contain music and good messages or other interesting items.  We collect the special ones that float by during our internet adventures.


  1. Alive
  2. Global Village
  3. Happiness Is A Voyage
  4. Where God Wants Me
  5. Hot Air Balloons
  6. Train Ride
  7. Companions
  8. Hot Chocolate PPS
  9. The 1950's PPS
  10. Dogs are Very Special
  11. Advice
  12. My Favorite Philosophy
  13. To My Friends
  14. Train Ride
  15. Nursing Home Plans
  16. The Woman
  17. Tips For Living Life
  18. High Cotton
  19. Spring Is Coming
  20. The Piano
  21. Memory Lane
  22. Our Mantra
  23. A Present
  24. Goodbye
  25. Forty-Five Lessons About Life