Nightlighters Dance: A Summer Celebration

If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance.  ~Bern Williams

Who Was Here?? (Page Two)

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Every table had fresh cut roses.... Did you recognize them??? They were provided to the person with the closest birthday to today! We were given bags of "Water Crustal Gels"... We decided they would be great in martinis.

Did You Know? - Water crystal gel or Water Beads is any gel which contains a large amount of water. Water gel is usually composed of a water-absorbing polymer such as a polyacrylamide (frequently Polymethylacrylate or Sodium Polyacrylate). Sometimes referred to as superabsorbent polymer (SAP) or, in dry form, as slush powder.

Water gels are used for

Watering or potting plants.

Use in gardens to save water. plants.

Supplying water to small animals as an alternative to supplying water in a dish. Some small animals tend to fall into dishes of water and drown.

Colorful decorations or artificial snow.

In a dry state as absorbent filler inside disposable diapers.

In a dry state in large bags for controlling or containing floods.


Ete is French for Summer

Cayenne Rose

Summer is English for Summer.... Duh!

Natsu is Japanese for Summer

Miracle rose

Sommer is German for Summer

Miracle rose

Hsia is Chinese for Summer

Lipstick rose

Verano is Spanish for Summer

High and Magic rose