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Genealogy; As Best As We Can Figure

Genealogy (from Greek: ?????, genea, "family"; and ?????, logos, "knowledge") is the study and tracing of families. Modern genealogical research is a complex process that involves more than affixing a collection of names to a pedigree chart. Rather, genealogy involves identifying ancestral or descendant families by using historical records to establish biological, genetic, or familial kinship.

Reliable conclusions are based on the quality of sources (ideally original records, rather than derivatives), the information within those sources (ideally primary or firsthand information, rather than secondary or secondhand information), and the evidence that can be drawn (directly or indirectly) from that information. In many instances, genealogists must skillfully assemble indirect or circumstantial evidence to build a case for identity and kinship. All evidence and conclusions, together with the documentation that supports them, is then assembled to create a cohesive "genealogy" or "family history."

Traditionalists may differentiate between these last two terms, using the former to describe skeletal accounts of kinship (aka family trees) and the latter as a "fleshing out" of lives and personal histories.

Genelogy Effort To Date (11/1/2009)

Generation Parents Children
13th William Liles Sr. / ???
William Liles Jr. b 1654
Will be glad to share what I have if interested. go back to William Liles 1640 and think they go back to 1340 in Scotland the Castle of Duchall (Duck-all).   From    Link
12th William Liles b 1654 in Surry, Va d. bet 1718-1787  Jean Jones

Calvert County, Maryland

Henry, Sr. b abt. 1690 in Rocky Hock Community, Chowan Co. NC died bet 1715-1781
Elizabeth Liles b 1695 d bef 1788
Dorothy Liles b. abt. 1699 d. bef. 1784

Cemetery: SMITH Cemetery Out of Town: YES Nearest Town: Bloomfield Road Number: County Road 527 Directions: (Abandoned and Destroyed) From the 4-way stop on Highway 25, in Bloomfield, travel on Highway E to County Road 527. Smith Cemetery is at the 2nd gravel road east.

11th Henry Liles Sr.  b: 1668

Married Jean NOLES

Jefferry Liles William Liles George Liles James Liles David Liles Henry Liles Lewis Liles Ephriam Liles Susanna Liles Elisabeth Liles John Liles
Henry Liles , Jr.

Henry LILES Sr was born between 1662 and 1672. He died after 1722. He was buying and selling land, and witnessing deeds and wills from 1701 to 1722. He Misc event between 1740 and 1760 in Johnston County NC. He Misc event in Chowan Co. NC. In 1712, Henry Liles Sr. listed real estate holdings of 1000 acres in Chowan County, NC as noted in a genealogical journal in the state library in Raleigh VA.

Henry LYLE, 1701 Arrived Bath, North Carolina ship sailed from Southampton, England
Book Source: "2334 Immigrants To Bath County, NC"
Author: Gammon
2nd Book Source: 1701 Arrival
"Some Pioneers Of North Carolina 1674 to 1701"


10th Henry Liles Jr.  b: 1711 - 1740 (Elizabeth 1740) - Married 1760

Moved to Virginia and then to North Carolina

Epharaim LILES
James Liles (c1745-1783)
George LILES
William LILES
Jeffery LILES

"Ephraim Liles fled from VA. to N.C. on account of the Indians having what they called Deer Walkers and Ephriim Liles was out hunting deer and saw an Indian wrapped in deer skins walking on his feet and hands imitating a deer in order to get near enough to shoot them. Ephriam Liles saw this Indian at a distance and shot him for a deer and wounding him badly. He took the wounded Indian to the Indians home and expressed great regret for his mistake and compromised with the Indians by giving them his fine horse. Later on the Indian died and Ephraim's friends informed him they were going to kill him. Ephraim fled to N.C. and was followed by some of the Indians but kept concealed until; the Indians returned. Ephraim Liles' grave is well known by his descendants on the bank of the Pee Dee River in Anson County, N.C." - Henry Liles with at least one of his brothers, Anderson, settled in Carroll County, Tennessee early in their lives. Homesteading Public Lands, some of which Henry L. Liles now owns and farms as a part of his over-all Dairy operations, Called Liles Dairy Farms

9th James Liles Sr (c1745-1783) and Mary Richardson.

Liles Family Cemetery Location: Lilesville, Anson County, North Carolina

James Jr. LILES
Elizabeth LILES
Joseph LILES
Elijah LILES b: 1775
Ephraim LILES
8th  John Liles (b: 1770, d; 3/19/1836 in Anson Co., NC)


and Celia Fields  (d: 4 JUL 1824 in Anson Co., NC), married 2/18/1796

Arrenettie LILES b: 17 MAR 1798 in Pee Dee, Anson Co., North Carolina
Fanny LILES b: 12 MAY 1799
Rachael LILES b: 29 MAR 1801 1801 in Pee Dee, Anson Co., North Carolina
Charlot LILES b: 8 FEB 1803 in Pee Dee, Anson Co., North Carolina
Lewis D. LILES b: 8 FEB 1805 in Pee Dee, Anson Co., North Carolina d: 26 JUL 1839
James C. LILES b: 12 MAR 1807 in Pee Dee, Anson Co., North Carolina
John H. LILES b: 1 MAR 1809 in Pee Dee, Anson Co., North Carolina d: 18 SEP 1839
Caswell S. LILES b: 10 APR 1811 in Pee Dee, Anson Co., North Carolina
Celia LILES b: 12 APR 1814 in Pee Dee, Anson Co., North Carolina
Eli S. LILES b: 2 JUN 1818, d: 4 APR 1899 in Fayettville, Washington Co., Arkansas
Nancy Liles (12/13/1796 - d: 22 JUN 1865 in Indian Creek, Newton Co., Missouri)

9 October 1769 signed a petition

7th Nancy Liles (12/13/1796 Anson Co., North Carolina , d: 22 JUN 1865 Indian Creek, Newton Co., Missouri, Robertson Cemetery, Indian Creek, Newton Co., Missouri


 - Green Alford

Amaziah Liles - born out of wedlock in June 19, 1810
Father was Ruben Jorden, the following month she married a Alford Green.  Berry ROBERTSON born 8 Nov 1795 and died 14 May 1858, his wife (married 1823 in Springfield, Robertson Co., Tennessee) Nancy born 1794 and died 22 Jun 1865. Her maiden name may have been LILES.
Amaziah Liles was the Bastard son of Reuben Jorden and Nancy Liles. The were never married. This is documented in the bastard files of North Carolina.

Reuben Jorden and Nancy Liles were never married. Amaziah Liles was born out of wedlock and is recorded in the Bastard Bonds of North Carolina as being born on June 19, 1813.
6th > (John) Amaziah Liles
Born: June 19, 1810, Spartenburg, NC
Died August 08, 1866 in White Country AR,  buried in the Weir Cemetery)

Married: Jane Price 11/20/1837 in White County Arkansas (Liles, Amasiach to Jane Price, Nov. 20, 1837)

(Married  Eliza Jane Simmons 1680)
Died: September 16, 1859  in: Arkansas

with Jane Price (b: Born: 1814 in: Spartanburg, South Carolina , d: Date unknown)
  • John Thomas Liles (Nov. 17, 1836 - July 16, 1911), married Paralie LAW 0/26/1858
  • James Miller Liles (Dec. 9, 1843-Jan. 5, 1923)  married Linnie Luticia CABLE 9/9/1888
  • Martha Elizabeth Liles
  • Emily J. Liles (b: 1880 in McRae, White, Arkansas, USA, d: 1884 in White County, Arkansas, USA)
  • Joseph Liles (1848-1906)
with Eliza Simmons
  • Nancy Liles (Mar 5 1871 John Jackson married Nancy Liles)
  • Jane Liles
  • George Liles

Amaziah Liles was born out of wedlock in 1812 in North Carolina. His mother  (Nancy Liles) was a saloon girl and I suppose he took her name. He moved to White Co., Arkansas with the Russell Price family sometime between 1832-1836. In 1837, he married Russell's daughter, Jane Price. Amaziah died in 1866.  Dates courtesy of Jane Price Liles, McRae Arkansas!



Joseph Liles (b: 1/27/1848 White County Arkansas, d: 3/25/1906, buried Weir Cemetery, Searcy Arkansas) married Martha Caldonia Howard 12/14/1865 ( b: 4/12/1844, d: 9/29/1916) Thomas Hiram Liles (b: 1870 in Copperas Springs, Arkansas, USA, d:  1948)
James Columbus Liles b: 1865 in White County, Arkansas, USA d: 1940
John Russell Liles b: 1868 in White County, Arkansas, USA d: 1924 in McRae, White, Arkansas, USA
Thomas Hiram Liles b: 1870 in Copperas Springs, Arkansas, USA d: 1948
Ella Mandonia Liles b: 1872 in White County, Arkansas, USA d: 1947
Mary Etta Liles b: 1874 in White County, Arkansas, USA d: 1933
Sallie Odella Liles b: 1877 in McRae, White, Arkansas, USA d: 1955
Joseph Liles b: 1878 in McRae, White, Arkansas, USA d: 1878
Emma Dora Emily Liles b: 1880 in McRae, White, Arkansas, USA d: 1884
Carroll Green Liles b: 1882 in McRae, White, Arkansas, USA d: 1936
GroverCliftonLiles b: 1884 in White County, Arkansas, USA d: 1/27/1911

The following year (1881) Price formed a partnership with J. M. Liles in general merchandising in the town of Beebe, and successfully conducted business at that place until 1887, when they dissolved partnership, Mr. Liles buying Mr. Price's interest.



GroverCliftonLiles (b: 9/24/1884 White County, Arkansas, d: 1/27/1911) married

Mary Kathryn Cook (b: 1/13/1882, d: 3/27/1957)
Opal Allie Liles  b: 09/18/1901 d: 01/06/1992   (Robinson) (Married James b: 12/12/1917 d: 02/15/1962 )

Alma Olive Liles b: 03/23/1904 d: 12/03/1987  (Mall)  (Norman b: 11/22/1960  Indiana, d: 11/13/1901

Edith Agnus Liles (Parchman) (Married Claude, b: 02/21/1909 d: 03/20/1976  at 67)

Wilbur (1905, infant death)

Paul William Liles (1906 - 1970)

Note: Mary Cook Liles married Charles Essig and they had two children:

Helen Strayhorn

Clarence Earl Essig (Deceased)
(Great Grandfather)
Paul William Liles (9/16/1906 - 11/15/1970 White County, Arkansas)

Georgia A. Lewis (10/25/1909 / 5/27/1990) Oklamulgee, Oklahoma

Paul David Liles (1944-
Paul David Liles (b: 12/16/44 - ???? Los Angeles, Ca , d: ????) married

Sue Marie Goss 3/24/1988 (b: 7/11/1951, d: ????)
Jeanette Marie Liles (Lind) (1968-

Joseph Raymond Liles 4/9/1971

Colleen Suzanne Liles (Perry) (1972-
Mother Colleen Suzanne Liles
7/28/1973 - ???? Whittier, Ca
Jonathan Charles Liles 4/3/1989

Cassandra Alyce Chartier

Jacqueline Suzanne Chartier
  Mother Jeanette Marie Liles (Mitchell Craig Lind)
11/25/1968 - ????? Whittier, Ca
Zachary Douglas Lind 9/24/1990

Connor Thomas Lind 3/11/1996