Paul William Liles & Otis Tucker

When Men Were Really Men!

Otis Tucker; A Life Long Friend

Otis Tucker Dad met Otis Tucker in McRae when he was about ten years old, let's say 1916. 

Otis and Dad were life long friends with only death temporarily separating them. 

Otis Tucker passed on July 24th, 2002 after 97 years making our country and our life better place!

He has a stroke which robbed him of his ability to continue to drive his car... the stroke also damaged his eyes! 

He went peacefully in his sleep several months after the stroke.  He is buried with his wife and my parents in the Inglewood Cemetery in Inglewood, California!


Taking Care Of Mom

What a guy!!  Otis and my dad met in 1916 in McRae Arkansas and were friends their entire life.  Paul (Dad) left us in 1970 and asked Otis to watch out for Georgia .... for 20 years until Mom's death in May of 1990, Otis saw her every week.. took her to the hair dresser, shopped with her and was her friend!.  His wife had passed on in 1984.  They don't make 'em like that any more!

Gone But Never Forgotten

Otis Tucker At Christmas Otis joined Sue and I and the family for most holidays and other family celebrations.  He was amazing because at 90+ he was up on the news, changed his vote to be a republican, and read all the time. 

When he passed on, he was over half-way through a book we gave him about the "History Of The 20th Century".

He did however ask, "What is a dot-com???"

Otis passed-on in July of 2002 at the ripe old age of 97!  I'm sure the stroke he had kept him from driving and that did him in!  He will always be in our memories and he is now with his childhood friends... my Mom and Dad.

We miss him every year especially around the holidays where he was the life of the party!