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Group Commander James Asks Questions


When we play golf, Group Commander James often comes up with great questions that the chief researchers must answer.  We give his contemplations great consideration and search high and low (mostly low) for the great truths. 

We go to the ends of the Internet to find the answers and present them in a small, concise, and easy to understand manner fitting the great questionner!

When the great truths do not exist, we do become a bit creative in the answers.  We add a little of this and a little of that and smoth it over like a well experienced politician. (He will never know!)

So, here they are:

The Group Commander Himself!

Group Commander James
James and his herd of highly sophisticated trained ducks!

More Simple Research Projects Answered Right Here

Question: - How do web spinning spiders initially span large gaps that seem impossible to cross, ie, between two tall trees?

Loose a fine strand into the breeze until it attaches. Many webs are between objects, such as across water, or between large tall spaces, that spiders cannot cross by walking. To overcome this, spiders send a fine thread into a slight breeze which is blowing in the right direction until it catches on the far side. Then they slowly and carefully walk across this single thread, spinning a second thread as they go - and build on from there.