The Rondeliers Dance Club Current Roster

2017-2018 Dance Season

From Our Current Paper Membership Roster 2017-2018


Acker - Dottie and Bruce

Beaulieu - Ben and Angel

Blondeau - Jean and Angela

Bugreeff - Walter and Bobbi

Catterlin, Kyle and Jodine

Cuda - Tom and Nancy

Fraines - Nancy and Lugwig

Gray - Gary and Marion

Guenterman  - Penny and Larry

Handson - Thomas and Loretta

Johnson - Chuck and Susan

Kabakoff  - Maria and Jeff

Kulczycki  - Kathy and Dr. James

Larson - Clayton & July Hoewich

Liles - Paul and Sue

Lucas - John and Genevieve

Muniz - Cesar and Laurette

Nicot - Henri and Irene

Pan - Michael and Lina

Pitman - Paul and June

Scalzo - William and Doreen

Schott - Cliff and China

Westmoreland - Paul & Elaine Alexander

White  - Bernard and Andrea

Zerg  - Jerry and ClancyDavid and Vickie Zertuche

Zertuche, David and Vickie

Zimmerman - Jean Paul & Jeanine Blanchet


Berg, Tom and Kathy

Dean, Doreen and William

Durling, Jennifer and Jeff

Mramor, Jaames & Edie Askew