We Took Race Car Dave To Drive The NASCARs

Round and round they go....


So it is Father's Day (for Mitch) and Dave's birthday and they are NASCAR people sitting around on Sunday's with their head going in circles as the cars race around the track. Sue decides "It is time to drive one!" And she found Performance Training Center for their celebrations! We are off to the Irwindale Motor Speedway which is at the end of the 605 North!



Whether you are a first timer or have a little experience under your belt or maybe just a pure adrenaline junkie they have a racing Adventure Program that's right for you! We offer 10, 20 and 40 lap Adventure Programs as well as Competition Courses for the more serious racer.


Let's Get Started

Your right foot is planted on the floor. The Monte Carlo flies past the grandstands, its Chevy engine winding towards redline. Positioning your car high on the banked track, you lift, touch the brakes and start your turn-in.


The corner speed is unbelievable! Even at the limit of adhesion, the car remains perfectly balanced. G-forces try to pull you from your seat. As your left tire kisses the white line, you're back on the gas. You use every inch of the pavement as the car sails out of the corner.

If feels like it's on rails. Unwinding the steering wheel, you quickly gain speed along the back straight.

Check your mirrors and gauges and you are setting up for the next turn.

The Races Goes On

Dave and Mitch are getting checked out for their ride.

Sue wonder's if she could get her wheelchair outfitted with real tires???

Let's Get Busy

Dave is saying "Don't mess up my hair now boys!!"

Off they go!