Ted Conlin Fighter Pilot

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Ted's Story And He Is Sticking To It!

Ted Conlin is a friend who we met via Old Ranch Country Club.  He was a WWII fighter pilot and is one heck of a great guy!  We enjoy listening to his stories about flying P51's over Germany, France, Russia and Italy during the later parts of WWII.  He wrote up some of his memories which are in blue background with italics n the following pages.  The supporting information is in normal font and starts with "Did you know?". Join Ted during training in the US , his overseas deployment , and the post D-Day activities .

Famous Fighter Quotes:

Ted Conlin 2009
Ted Conlin 2009

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Ted's Awards


Distinguished Flying Cross Medal - Criteria: Awarded to any officer or enlisted member of the United States armed forces who distinguishes himself or herself in combat in support of operations by "heroism or extraordinary achievement while participating in an aerial flight, subsequent to November 11, 1918." The decoration may also be given for an act performed prior to that date when the individual has been recommended for, but has not received the Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross, Navy Cross, or Distinguished Service Medal. During wartime, members of the Armed Forces of friendly foreign nations serving with the United States are eligible for the award. It is also given to those who display heroism while working as instructors or students at flying schools. Attachments: Bronze Oak Leaf Device, Silver Oak Leaf Device.

air Medal

Air Metal - Criteria: Awarded to personnel who, while serving in any capacity in or with the Armed Forces of the United States, shall have distinguished himself/herself by meritorious achievement while participating in aerial flight. Awards may be made to recognize single acts of merit or heroism, or for meritorious service. 

victory metal

Description: The bronze medal is 1 3/8 inches in width. On the front is a figure of Liberation standing full length with head turned to Dexter looking to the dawn of a new day, right foot resting on a war god’s helmet with the hilt of a broken sword in the right hand and the broken blade in the left hand, the inscription "WORLD WAR II" placed immediately below the center. On the reverse are the inscriptions "FREEDOM FROM FEAR AND WANT" and "FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND RELIGION" separated by a palm branch, all within a circle composed of the words "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 1914 1945."

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