It Was Our Castle Where Love And Security Reigned Supreme

Memories And Recollections Of Days Gone Bye!

My Old Home - 50 Years Later

Mom and Dad bought this house for $2,200 in 1939!

My home from birth to 17 years
I loved this old home and can remember everything about it to this day! The house was built in 1939.
All 1,289 square feet of it

This was my home from 1944 through 1961 at which time we moved to Santa Monica! The yard was DEEP... perhaps 250 feet so we had multiple backyards!  We went to visit the house the fellow inside remembered our family selling him the house 41 years earlier (2006)!

Baloney (La Ballona) Creek

Baloney Creek
La Ballona Creek (Baloney Creek) divided our street!  The fact the street was dead ended was great! 
Pretty safe!  However, Bob Coomler and I used to lower our bikes into the ditch and ride forever!

Bikes Away

Bikes Away
I though Mom never knew... Ha!  When she was 83 years old, she told me she used to watch us go down into the creek and ride our bikes!

Culver City Here We Come

Zack View The Bike Path Of The 1950's
Zack!  The little steps were NOT there in the 50's... we crawled up a dirt mound and over the edge! No fence!  One Sunday, my dad found a dead man who rode a motorcycle off the end of the street and smashed into the other side!


Marion Louise Gillick ( 11/11/1914 - 8/21/1990) born in Mississippi & Harry Gillick (08/19/1909 - 09/18/1970 ) and of course Olivia Gillick!

The Browns - Mae and Brownie (never knew is real name!) ,  Brownie died in the late 1950's and Mae passed on in about 1963.  She was found standing up at the sink dead.

Miyauchi's - She was German and he was Japanese.  They had a child named Ronnie who was my flame for a period of time.  I understand Charlie is now in Colorado (Denver) and retired.

Thelma and Diane Perkins - Thelma (mom) and Diane (daughter) lived across the street at 6027 Comey Avenue. The house was built in 1940.Diane and I were the exact same age.  She is now Diana Perkins Gillette and lives near the beach in Los Angeles perhaps near the Santa Monica Airport... Have not heard from her in 55 years.  Her mom has passed.

An Aerial View

Aerial View
The alley way behind the house was MY playground and many adventures were had in this location!

Aerial View
When I was growing up there were no freeways... It was an after thouht