First Car Is Always Remembered

Memories And Recollections Of Days Gone Bye!

My First Car Was A 1962 Chevy Impala!


My first car was a 1962 Chevy... quite a hot rod!  I drove it until it had 200,000 miles on it!  Dad and I overhauled it at about 120,000 miles!

It was a pleasure to drive!  Fast! The 409 was a great engine! Tom Hale and I drove it to Louisiana right out of high school and did it fly!  I can remember those Texas highways where we never slowed lower than 80 MPH for hours!

Considered to be ‘the best selling full-size car in the U.S.,' in 1962 the Chevy Impala was designed and built by the Chevrolet division of General Motors.

Originating as a sports coupe, the Impala began as a dream car for the 1956 General Motors Motorama.

The name Impala originated from a southern African antelope known for its speed and prowess. Introduced in 1958, the Impala was developed by chief engineer automotive executive for General Motors, Edward Cole.

1962 Chevy
I loved this car and drove it to almost 200,000 miles

It Was Indeed Red!
It was indeed bright red