Powerpoint Ruined The Company... Pretty Was Believable

Memories And Recollections Of Days Gone Bye!

Sad State Of Affairs

Point Of View

Sometimes I just hurt inside seeing that the leaders of yesterday are being replaced by such amateurs who barely have the technical skills to understand what they are leading and certainly are on the low end of the curve in terms of dedication.

The Aerospace Leadership today is more about who you know and how does it make you look than picking people who are honestly dedicated to getting the job done and leading people toward that goal.

Integrated Product Teams and all the other Buzz-Words have replaced common sense.   Every three weeks another "Corporate Initiative" that is doomed to failure is foist upon the people trying to do a job 

The Customers who used to be dogged in assuring the work was done and done correctly are now shallow and best and inept at worst!  Afraid to criticize, unable to communicate, they contribute to the mismanagement.

Work has been replaced by PowerPoint charts spewing forth inaccurate information which is worshipped at the alter of the electronic projector.   Details are not questions but believed because PowerPoint says so!

It's sad, very very sad!