The Company Went Woosie... Buzzwords Took Over

Memories And Recollections Of Days Gone Bye!

Buzzwords My Butt!


Amazing how much energy can be wasted trying to save energy! My company has so many activities going on that we sit back and laugh... What are they... Look below!

My company is great but the massive number of straphangers who push "the initiative of the day" is making the place crazy.    The program leadership is to busy to stop the nonsense so the troops get buried in this crap!  Millions of taxpayer dollars we wasted on non-value-added junk because of no-leadership!  We have infighting between groups in the small organization pushing their pet initiative...  Here is a few of the great company saving initiatives currently active.

Lean - Six Sigma - CMMI - Malcom Baldridge - Best Practices - ISO - Blah Blah Blah

Manage By Giving A Crap, Not By Some Blamed Buzzwords Which Are Generally Laughed At!

Buzzwords I'm sorry, in the 1960 we went to the moon and in the 1970's we designed the Space Shuttle without all this fluff... We had a secret weapon... MANAGEMENT who cared and were dedicated! 

They called a spade a spade! They made decisions and replaced people who did not function.

These initiatives would not have lasted 30 seconds with leaders like George Jeffs, Charlie Feltz, Ed Smith and leaders of their ilk!  They improved things daily because it was the right thing to do!

I heard leaders like Jeffs and Feltz tell the buzzword people to "Go the hell away; we have a program to run". 

Today we have  no leaders with the guts to tell the buzzword mafia to butt out!

When I left Boeing it was a circus of people peddling buzzwords and the management sat around with a dumb expression on their fces and never put a stop to it.