From:                              Vicky and Del Kuhn []

Sent:                               Monday, July 05, 2010 10:48 AM

To:                                   Paul Liles

Subject:                          I sent this yesterday morning to Amy at Old Ranch




From: Vicky and Del Kuhn

Sent: Sunday, July 04, 2010 11:07 AM

To: Amy Smith

Subject: What a great job!


'Wow' to all of you!!!!  Please share this message with all your staff, they did a super great job!


What a great job everyone did on the 3rd of July festivities!!!

Everything was ready, in place and employees attitudes were 'up and friendly and accommodating.' The little things, like the parking passes for ease,

the friendly gate-guards,  the wrist bands and the decorations everywhere gave us a sense that this was going to be a very special day and night.


I don't know how long this event has been in the planning stages but when everything goes so smoothly it makes party planning look so easy.

Kind of like when Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers danced, it looked like just anyone could dance like them. NOT!


We liked how you had 2 check-in front desk areas with very nice people, food service lines at various locations, buffet line, pastry desserts, fish cocktail stations and

the ice cream stations all separate but close to each other. All food station people were friendly and ALL had clean uniforms or shirts! That's hard to do getting everything ready. The food was outstanding...really. What was meant to be hot was hot, what was meant to be cold...well, it was cold. Whoever was in charge of keeping the food platters and bowls filled so it didn't look like left-overs, did a great job too. The table servers were also top-notch. The ones who were stationed outside before the buffet dinner serving were attentive to our drink requests, had answers to our many questions and ALL the servers, in or outside didn't disappear once people had their drinks and food. They kept walking around, making sure everyone had what they needed.


Some of us wished we were still children as all the kids seemed to have fun in the pool, on the pony rides or other rides and the bouncy house you had. The little sail boat racers were thrilling and the guy in charge of the children's fishing event seemed to have more fun than the kids. Good for him, the right guy for the right job.

We also liked that the children's area was at the far end so if you wanted to be there amongst the screaming little tikes, you could. If you didn't, well, we had other areas we could 'escape' to.


The magician was very good, the music was great, covered several generations of music so everyone liked them, not too loud that you couldn't talk and once people were inside, you could hear the music but you could visit with your table people. People over-look that concept sometimes but YOUR CLUB didn't.

Needless to say the firework show was SUPER GREAT!!!!!  What a view, overlooking your 'lake' and up close and personal with the music timed just right. Those were pros, that's for sure.


So I just wanted to let everyone know that our entire party talked about how great our night was and we wanted to thank you for it.  I can't imagine HOW much work and planning there was but it was worth it. People were impressed with all of it. Please do it again next year.  We'll be there!


Vicky & Del Kuhn  ... guests of your members Paul & Sue Liles & their party-army of people who were there)


Old Ranch


 unk name & Shirley in red


the fruit bowl


The flags


3 members


Member Linda & James Cathey


Vicky & Del Kuhn with Paul & Sue Liles