Annie Espinoza... An Amazing "Find"

Nothing Else Counts In This World!   

How Did We Meet You Might Ask?

Several years ago we met Annie at Season's 52... She was (and is) a bright and charmoing young lady.  For some reason, we hit it off with her. Over the course of many visits, she told us about her plans to marry Elliott. We were interested and asked questions about the plans.

When we asked about "dancing" we got the blank stare and the normal comment... "We don't dance... We will probably stand up and sway back and forth".

After she left the table, Sue looked at Paul and we both said "She needs the Mongell Treatment".  PAual jumped up and called Jan and explained the daunting task ahead... Jan, as expected, jumped at the opportunity! So we offered Annie and he Dad and Fiancee dance instruction through our good friends the Mongells. She accepted and the results were pretty amazing.

What was really amazing is that her parents, as well as Elliotts, just meshed with the whole idea and they are simply delightful people! This made for a wonderful arrangement!

We had dinner with the Mongels and Annie's family to see the progress in November and we had a blast. Please visit the "Preview Page" .

We got an early preview of the wedding dance

Watch the results.... Right out of Arthur Murry!

At their 1/2/2014 Wedding

The audience went quiet

Louie almost (I say almost) stole the show!