TV Bombs; Good! It Is About Time

This summer (2009) is one for the record books: more than a dozen new programs launched on broadcast television and not one breakout hit, with returning shows down and ratings at an all-time low.  After a tough season for broadcasters, summer has been a huge disappointment to the people who produce this crap!  We do not watch TV at all becae the junk the broadcasters produce it just that, junk!


It was interesting to watch our 13 year old grandson watch an old 1950’s movie with us.  He really enjoyed it.  No blood, no gore, no cuss words just funny situations and understandable emotions!  He was amazed that ladies all word hats, men were in suits (1950), and people “looked nice”…. not like the slobs that run around our streets today!

About Paul

I am a young 67 year flag waiving American who yearns to the good things in the past to come back and the wonderful scientific achievements stay with us! My wife and I worked hard for forty-five years and are now living a full life of retirement watching the world go by! God Bless America!
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