Christmas 2020

"The best Christmas trees come very close to exceeding nature." -- Andy Rooney

Christmas Eve Was Different (Page One)!

For the past 30+ years, we would go to Disneyland on Christmas Eve andlately with Robin and Bob. Well, the kids knew we had to get together and they called and said they were coming over and we would go to Roger's Gardens!   Great idea, let's do it!!

Its coming along nicely!

We pile up a series of stacks of like colors, a great strategy!

We need better lighting!

Scout always like to assis us!

The kids  are coming over so we had to get everything ready meaning "straighten up".

She is cute washing windows!

I helped by pointing out where she missed!

Spotless! Even Scout appproves!

Now this Santa I really like!

The chimney is out of the question so she hid it by the door.

We called Colleen to check out the activities on the east coast!

Always a great smile!

We go here quite often!

We still study the menu everytime

Great selections!

Too many choices!

We wore our masks like responsible people!

I love the smile!

Modeling her Christmas attire

Mary got A left-over from my 75th birthday party!

Mary has a load of fun all the time!

What could it be?

Robin got her giggling so hard it was catching!

I was puzzled!

It stinks pretty!

Robin and Bob are simsply wonderful people!

Be careful when these two are together!