Our 2014 Feuerzangenbowle Tradition Continues

Christmas, children, is not a date. It is a state of mind. ~Mary Ellen Chase

Time To Enjoy The Results (Page Two)

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The results are spooned out CAREFULLY into heat-proof cups

Hans has his serious face on... Cannot spill a single drop

"Who wants to be first?"

Did Someone Say "After Dinner Drinks"?

Dessert is delivered

The precision of a surgeon

"Why yes... I will do the official taste testing!"

Kerstin explains where she got the eye of knewt and frogs teeth

Kerstin made the evening so delightful

After two cups of the mulled wine, we must hold up the walls

"I can see it now... The Fire Department arriving"

"Take it away Hans..."

"I am working on my after-dinner drink glow... It's working"

"Here's to you"

"So... you use three eyes-of-newt for every quart of wine"

Dessert Is Served

Hans and Kerstin could not believe they landed on a dessert island

"Follow me into the kitchen... It's serve yourself"

John makes the first cut

Did You Know? - The Bundt cake derives in part from a European brioche-like fruit cake called Gugelhupf which was popular among Jewish communities in parts of Germany, Austria and Poland

He has experience

The lift must be done at precisely 14"/second

Geri selects the olive and anchovy ice-cream

Caution... Men at work

All eyes on Curt

After Dinner & Dessert Drinks

Brian led the way....

"Dessert and then after dessert drinks, right?"

Visiting is underway

Archie and Brian had something going


Kathy is waiting to hear Brian's story on Saturday morning

Ed is a gentleman, he reads the labels first...
The bottle talks back to him!

Brian explains "after dinner drinks"

Enjoying the evening

"What is wrong with my head??"

"Kathy... What was in that last one?

Brian shows us his tasting prowess

All smiles...

That after glow is beginning to show

"Hans... The label says "Do Not Open Within 50 Feet Of A Fire"

"Just one more...."

"Thumb is broken.... Can I get an IV?"

Kathy discovers Fire Ball

Kathy and Brian show the proper way to hold an digestif glass

Did You Know? - A digestif is an alcoholic beverage served after a meal, in theory to aid digestion. When served after a coffee course, it may be called pousse-café. Digestifs are usually taken straight.

"Does Archie want a drink?"

"Guaranteed 300 proof!"

"What was in the last boggle?"

Brian is doing well... He is talking into the garage door opener!

One for the road

We definitely had a great time

Page 1 - Visiting and Readying The Fixins | Page 2 - Enjoying The Results